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Our purposes are/ mission:

* Furthering comradeship among persons who are or have been members of the Armed Forces and who have represented the Fredericksburg, Virginia National Guard unit(s).

* Honoring the memory of deceased veterans and members of the Armed Forces and aiding and comforting their survivors.

* Encouraging Patriotism.

* Aiding hospitalized, disabled and needy war veterans and their dependants.

* To maintain the linage of our armory by educating the soldiers on the history and achievements of past National Guard units from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

* Promote Americanism, conduct/ support patriotic ceremonies and functions, and conduct community, social and recreational activities that support these purposes.

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Our Cannon

Please help save our local history! 

This cannon sits across the street from the City Post Office. In March of 1886 it was used to celebrate the opening of the Falmouth Bridge. That same year, the cannon was used in a salute for President Cleveland by our local militia who arranged to fire Twenty-One guns in honor of the new President. Fast forward to today, the cannon’s carriage is in an advanced deteriorated state after standing as a proud sentinel and symbol of our City’s remarkable history for well over a hundred years. This cannon should be restored to its original splendor and have the carriage replaced with an accurate reproduction of the type used by this model 1841 cannon.  

We need your help! The Fredericksburg Guard Association, an IRS recognized veteran’s association is taking donations to insure that it can be preserved and remain a living part of our history for years to come.

We have raised the amounts needed to Save Our Cannon!

Thank you for helping us


As of 8 April 2014

Cannon Patriot: ($500+ or critical services)

Janis Albuquerque
American Legion, Spotsylvania Post 320
Anonymous Donor… X1
Civil Air Patrol Fredericksburg Composite Squadron
Coleman Motor Company
Paul Gardner (Sign Creations)
SFC Thomas Gleason (R)
John & Maria Grzan
Michael Harvey (Harvey Signs)
Henderson Construction
Hilldrup Moving & Storage
Ellen Jarrell
Shelly McMahon (Smart Design Inc.)
Lydie Mann, (Billingsley Printing)
Rappahannock Colonial Heritage Society
Rapidan Plumbing, Inc
SGK Gun Show
Chris Small (Arrowpoint Corporation)
LTC David & Terrie James (R)
John Sweton

Cannon Captain: ($250+)

Anonymous Donor… X1
Disabled American Veterans Association (DAV)
Richard M. G. Dynes
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Kelly
COL & Mrs. Robert Love
Charles W. McDaniel
Robert B. Payne Inc.
J.N. Pritzker
Bruce W. Speirs
VFW Post 3103

Cannon Gunner: ($100+)

Bill Allen (Allen’s Auto)
Coner & Liz Ashby
COL ‘Jim’ Brown (R)
Balgoyen Family
Albert Z. Conner Jr.
Jimmy Crisp
Elizabeth Daly
Mo Deadman
SSG ‘Michael’ Deel
Forest Dickinson
Don & Christie Doherty
George Firehammer
David and Nicole Grinnan
Dick and Cheryl Hazel
Bernie Hylton
F. Raymond Little
Tommy and Susan Lee
Vic & Christine Mason
Charles G. McDaniel
Bill & Michelle Redding
Sammy T’s
COL William Schneck
Paul Scott
Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Stout Jr.
Tom & Susanna Sullard
Stuart Taylor
John & Patsy Thompson
Jere M. H. Willis Jr.
LTC Steven L. Wimberley
Mary W. Wilson & Joe Wilson

Cannon Soldier: ($50+)

Linda C. Amos
Paul A. Asaban
Jim Beavers
Ferris Belman
Jim Cline
Alan Courtney
Steven J. D’Lugos
Gerald Gardner
CPT and Dr. Sean & Catherine Gill
COL ‘Bruce’ Hopkins (R)
Dale Hundley & Maureen Jacobs
Johanna Humphrey
Jalina Jovkovich
Charlie & Joanne Kaiman
Blanton & Betty Massey
Terry & Mark McDonagh
Steele McGonegal
Joan P. McLaughlin
Ian Norfleet
Bea Paolucci & Hamilton Palmer
Todd Rump
Thomas Y. Savage
W.M. Scaife Jr.
George Solley
Raymond Sullivan
Ron Swaney & Family
Linda Sweet
Ulman’s Jewlery
Lorrie & Ted White
Gordon & Victoria Willis
Billy & Alma Withers
Wayne Wray

Cannon Sentinel: (<$50)

SFC Richard R. Ankney (R)
Dallas W. Bare
1LT ‘Michael’ Bell
Thomas & Barbara Benten
CPT ‘Annie’ Bonnecarrere
MG Carroll Childers
COL William Coffin
DeChristopher Family
CPT ‘Chris’ Durham
Charles Fennemore
Barbara B. Forbush
SFC Gerald Gardner
Jeffrey Geiger
Dan Goldstein
Janice M. Hill
LTC ‘Ray’ & Robin Hoeflein
CPT Kevin & Heather Hoffman
Brenda H. Hynson
Harry Jones
Michael Kelly
Philip Levy
COL Thomas Morgan
Dale Nester
Olde Towne Butcher
SSG Aaron Peters
Frank & Jo Petranka
C. & H. Price
Margaret S. Rose
Caryn Schockling
Patty Scuderi
Willie Shelton Jr.
Larry Southworth
1LT ‘Jodie’ Warren
Vera Bazzanella Way
Christopher Wille
Thank You All for your Donations!

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"Save Our Cannon" fund by  regular mail here. Simply print this form, fill it out and mail it to the address provided.


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"Save Our Cannon" fund  using  PayPal here.



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